Saturday, October 20, 2007

Dramatis Personae & Primitive Correspondence

Jason Robert Bell
"Dramatis Personae"
nov. 1 - Jan. 5, 2008
opening reception nov. 1, 6- 8 p.m.

Chris O'Connor
"Primitive Correspondence"
nov. 1 - jan. 5, 2008
opening reception nov. 1, 6 - 8 p.m.

I wanted to bring these two artist together, not because they share one common thing, but because they may not. Their paths may have never crossed. However, they are parallel in their intense quest for an understanding of art through the politics of (art) history, tales of mythology, whimsy of desire, and the skills to produce art masterfully. Let alone inspired, burdened, obliged, influenced, and jostled by culture (both primitive and pop), technology, and last but not least intellectual rationale. Like the surface of their works, these two artist are like night and day, not like Yin or Yang, but perhaps..... the Lion and the Mouse. I am honored to have them at Alcove.
Gwendolyn Skaggs

Jason Robert Bell
Dramatis Personae
november 1 - january 5, 2008

Dramatis Personae involves 100 archetypal characters from all aspects of our culture, history, literature, myth, popular culture, and all points in-between. In 1997 I began this project, a process of retroactively collaborating with my self. All of the characters in Dramatis Personae exist within the same idealized landscape, leading to the experience that this is a single ever-changing entity that is my own selfhood.

Jason Robert Bell
recent project

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