Sunday, April 13, 2008


As of April 12, 2008, Alcove is moving on. No longer located at 547 W. 27th Street in Chelsea, Alcove will continue as a curatorial entity.

I had no definite life span for Alcove, not for it's past incarnation, only that it survive as long as I could manage it and as long as I felt that it was necessary to be obligated to a lease. And the time has come. I have shifted my priorities (I am pursuing "diddly-squat" and "chicken shit"), and I do not feel that Alcove has to be tethered to an address.

I always considered Alcove to be an installation. It was my way to showcase artwork that visually "clashed" (in a kind way) either in medium, subject matter, or texture. But the essence seemed to be the same. "Essence"? "Seemed"? That's a bit vague. Oh well, let's just say the relationships were amicable. Alcove allowed work to be face to face, ego to ego (no matter the size). The combined works created questions, after all questions keep us going while answers can sometimes weigh us down. All I was asking for was the slightest of will to "undull" the senses.

I am grateful for all the artist who participated, not only in Alcove, but the above group photo, an event in which I offered neither beer nor pizza and scheduled on a Sunday afternoon.

pictured from front left side of ladder up, and then down to the right:
David Frye
Doug Young
Jason Robert Bell
Willie Gregory
Gwendolyn Skaggs
Rob Weingart
Karl Pilato
Chris O'Connor
Jodi Chamberlain

under ladder l to r:
Jacqueline Skaggs
Chris Uphues

behind ladder:
Shane Murray

not pictured:
Jason Grabowski
Scott Espeseth
Nicole Schulman

thank you kindly to Xzavier Taov for taking the above photo with my camera.

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